If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.

     .Check eligibility free of charge.

     .Claim compensation risk free: no win, no fee. Ever.


1. Definitions

Our Pricing Terms should be read in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions. All defined terms used in our Terms & Conditions shall apply herein.


2. Travel Claim Eligibility - FREE

Claim'N Win provides travel claim eligibility and compensation calculator service free of charge. No account is required to access the travel claim eligibility and compensation calculator.


3. Claim'N Win Settlement Fee - 30%

Claim'N Win provides a Amicable Dispute Resolution Service. In the event of Success, Claim'N Win shall retain a Settlement Fee of 30% of the Compensation Paid. And if you already tried to claim it yourself, we may charge you 36% of compensation and up to 50% of expenses.


4. No Risk Guaranteed

Claim'N Win guarantees that the User shall not owe or pay any money to Claim'N Win in the event that the Amicable Dispute Resolution and/or the Court Proceedings are unsuccessful.